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Chef'n Cakewalk Cake Stand & Turntable Decorating Kit

Includes 12 small tips, 2 medium tips, 2 large tips, flower nail, small coupler and two pastry bags

Platform and stand can be used with any cake platter up to 12 inches round

Non-slip base ensures steadiness when decorating










Lekue Deco Pen Maxs

100% platinum silicone; 12-ounce capacity

Includes 6 silicone nozzles, to make flowers, write messages, balls, and shells

Heat resistant up to 428°

Made in Spain







NordicWare Gift Cakelet Pan

Makes beautiful gifts for holiday, birthdays or any occasion to celebrate

Made in USA






NordicWare Celebration Tiered Cakelet Pan

Six 3.5 x 3.5 x 3-inch individual cakelet cavities

Made in USA






NordicWare Snowman Cake Pops Pan

2-piece pan bakes snowman shaped bite-sized cakes or brownies

Constructed from a nonstick aluminum for easy release and cleanup

Designed to bake 12 cake pops at one time

Includes 24 cake pops sticks

Made in USA







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